Smoked Clemencello Liqueur

I enjoy smoky elements in my cocktails, and one great way to introduce smoke is to infuse it into the liqueur itself. Smoking the clementine skins in this case before infusing them into the vodka is one of my preferred methods because it provides a more natural smoke taste while it balances the flavor between the citrus and smoke. As I noticed and you may as well, it is difficult to smell the smoke on the nose but the smoke taste on the finish is beautiful.


375ml of Boyd & Blair Professional Proof 151

6 Clementines (organic)

330 ml of Simple Syrup


Clean and dry the clementines. Carefully peel the clementines and place onto a plate.

Using a smoking machine smoke the peels for 5 minutes. See photo.

Carefully place the smoked peels into a clean mason jar and cover with Boyd & Blair Professional Proof 151. Shake daily and keep in cool dark place.

Taste daily to determine if desired flavor is achieved.

Strain clementines through a regular strainer and measure final volume.

My volume was 360ml of infused deliciousness. To make it 80 proof, I added 320 ml of simple syrup.

Clementine peels being smoked.
Final 80 Proof liqueur. Look how amazing the color is.