Boyd & Blair Professional Proof 151

Five-Star Rated


We developed our 151 Professional after receiving an outcry from expert mixologists looking for a high-proof spirit that was high in original flavor for their house-made bitters, aged cocktails and infusions and fortified wines. We distill our 151 professional the same as our Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, just concentrated at twice the strength.

Even more flavorful than our 80-proof Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, 151 professional is a direct response to experienced mixologists looking for a spirit to create special creations such as house-made bitters, aged infusion cocktails and fortified wines. Because of its strength, it’s not meant to be enjoyed straight or in mixed cocktails.

BOYD & BLAIR 151 PROFESSIONAL PROOF POTATO VODKA (151 PROOF) Awarded a 5 Star Rating from the Spirit Journal.

Boyd & Blair 151 Professional Proof Potato Vodka was originated for the cocktail expert or chef for creation of house-made bitters and liquors, aged cocktails, fortified wines and sauces. Professional Proof 151 is distilled from the same recipe as the original Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka.

Note: This product can only be shipped within Pennsylvania


Never blending in: our story

Standing out means standing for something. In our case, it’s making the world’s best craft spirits.

Delicious is what we do.

Whether it’s Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, BLY Silver Rum or Boyd & Blair 151 Professional, we see ourselves and an ingredient as much as a craft spirit. An ingredient for what? An ingredient for the rediscovering of craft cocktails meant to be shared with family and friends. An ingredient that compliments your favorite farm-to-table meal – because we’re farm-to-table too. And an ingredient for those who live for discovering true, authentic flavors.

One sip, and we think you’ll know why.