BLY Silver Rum 750 ml

Five-Star Rated


With notes of butterscotch and vanilla, our award-winning silver rum is one that you’ll savor, not rush to hide behind a curtain of mixers. We gently stir, heat ‑ but never cook – each batch of rich, PA-produced supreme baking molasses for a deliciously bold flavor worthy of your favorite handcrafted cocktail, or the straight simplicity of ice and a fresh lime.

With notes of butterscotch and vanilla, BLY Silver Rum is a singular silver rum that is crafted to be savored, not hidden behind mixers. Master Distiller, Barry Young developed this deliciously bold spirit by gently stirring, heating – but never cooking – PA-produced supreme baking molasses. Yes, the process takes more time. But the world doesn’t need another mediocre rum.

BLY Silver Rum is a 5-star-rated spirit, distilled with the same attention to detail, the same 100% craft method, and the same desire to be deliciously different as our Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka. The result is a bold, mature, flavorful rum that can be enjoyed on the rocks with a twist of lime or in handcrafted cocktails.

“Entry is richly textured, sumptuous without being flabby, deeply marshmallow-like without being sweet, and just plain delicious…I believe this to be one of the best white rums I’ve ever reviewed.” – F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, June 2018.

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