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5-Star Craft Distillery Tour

Five Star Craft Distillery Tour

Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm

Free tours and tastings are available every hour on the hour starting at 12pm with the final tour of the day at 5pm.

This is where it all happens. In 2008, we started as one of the state’s first true craft distilleries. Our goal: to create spirits that excite the palette, defy the ordinary and are about as far from boring as you can imagine.

Here’s where we distill each and every bottle of Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, Boyd & Blair Professional Proof 151, BLY Silver Rum, and BLY Silver Rum 105 Proof by hand (and sight and smell and taste.) And you can be part of it. Take our tour then sample our spirits. Wax seal your own bottle of Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka. Kick back and relax in our bar with a custom cocktail. And, of course, take a few bottles of Boyd & Blair and BLY Silver Rum home for yourself.


Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries


Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries
1101 William Flynn Hwy
Glenshaw, PA 15116 United States
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