BOYD & BLAIR POTATO VODKA (80 PROOF) is an award winning craft spirit and the flagship product of Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries.

Three-Time Ranked Best Vodka of 120 Top Spirits in the World. “Entry is nothing short of luscious, semisweet, chewy, and smooth; mid-palate adds cocoa bean, maple, and honey. Aftertaste is graceful, solid, and simply delicious.” – F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, Annual Reviews: 6/11, 6/12, 6/13

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BOYD & BLAIR 151 PROFESSIONAL PROOF POTATO VODKA (151 PROOF) Awarded a 5 Star Rating from the Spirit Journal.

Boyd & Blair 151 Professional Proof Potato Vodka was originated for the cocktail expert or chef for creation of house-made bitters and liquors, aged cocktails, fortified wines and sauces. Professional Proof 151 is distilled from the same recipe as the original Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka.

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This is not the rum to reach for when looking to create a cocktail with a syrupy mix. Because this is a rum that requires no masking. No hiding of its imperfections or inexpensive ingredients.

To create the unique rum that is BLY, Master Distiller Barry Young starts with only the purest form of molasses. He adds to that a unique mash method that doesn’t include heat and the risk of scorching. Yes, the process takes more time. But the world doesn’t need another mediocre rum.

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